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I just finished the demo.

i like the futuristic and very aesthetic style. great soundtrack. 

good start for a nice plot about real meaning of happyness and fighting inner demons. It's definitely better tham I though it'll be.

Why I lost control on Haylie's actions (before reaching even half of actual gameplay)?  I had no option to stay home and talk with gf. I had no choice about actually going to the party and about what she did there (and after the party). It really broke the fun of having her fate in my hands. (but I still enjoy the story)

It's probably how you planned the plot but I still feel "deceived"  couse I rly believed I could choose her path. At least I had a choice later... but she still made the main decision by herself. 

She decided what her future will look like (without my "help"). It's possible that she made some better decisions that I'd do. She found her own happyness! I only wish I could sort thing with Nat before even meeting Jenna.

the game has a lot choices but I'd be great to add a little bit, especially choosing what to say  / how to react in some meaningful situations.

How about adding paths system? (Player can choice who will she have future with etc, etc) I don't why but I feel like this whole "do whatever you want whenever you want" is illusion and only visiting right place in right time will move the plot forward. 

I've got Jenna's good ending. And I'd appreciate if you'd gave me somea hints about how to get other two endings. I really don't know, what I have to change to get them...

Thanks for posting MrMar!

Honestly we completely understand where you're coming from. We made this project for NaNoReno2019 and completed the entire project from scratch in a single month. We really do want to add more options, choices, storyline, add more arcs and give players a lot more control over the events in the game. The truth is even though we wanted to put in more control and more content into the first demo we just ran out of time. There's only so much that a two person team can do in a single month and we made the mistake of biting off WAAAY more than we could chew and had to make a lot of sacrifices to get the demo out in time for the NaNo deadline. We sat down to play it together just last week after working on other projects and we felt like the entire story so far felt very rushed.

As for the future of An Amaranthine Tryst, we decided it's best to do an entire re-write rather than build on the story from the demo, so that's what we'll be working on alongside some other projects. We don't have an ETA yet on any updates or future releases but we'll keep people updated here on Itch.

As for the hints you requested, we'd rather not share them here on this particular page, but we would be happy to share them via a pm. If you would like to reach out to us here's a couple places you can find us:

The Lemma Soft Forums:


We're a small two-person team at the "hobbyist" level at the moment although we're seeking to change that with other projects in the works. There's not a lot of activity on our Discord yet, but you're always welcome to join.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave your feedback! We really appreciate it! :)

Hey, I just finished playing through this (and I think I got all 3 endings) so I thought I'd write up some of my thoughts! It was cool following your progress on the lemma soft forum, and I can tell you two had a great time working on this together.


I liked Haylie as a protagonist, you really got across the feeling of someone who's going through some rough emotional stuff and isn't dealing with it well. I felt like I wanted to help her turn her life around and feel better about herself, so I was glad I ended up getting the good ending on my first playthrough. I want her to be happy!

The romance was good, I think the opening scene with Natalie showed really clearly that they're not meant for each other, so I'm relieved there was a way for Haylie to find someone better for her. And Jenna was the character I was most interested in before playing, so I was happy she was a big part of the game. I did feel bad for Natalie though, like I really wished there was a way to resolve some of your issues with her before jumping into a new relationship. But with Haylie's difficulties with dealing with her problems, I can understand why that wasn't an option.

Gameplay-wise, I thought it was cool that you made a navigation system, more VNs should do that to switch up the gameplay! I think you could maybe add more events though (even if they're not too significant) since sometimes I felt like I was wandering around to all the locations and nothing was happening so it felt a bit empty. I liked the phone functionality too, and that worked well since if there wasn't an event available they just wouldn't answer.

The horror elements were another good part, I feel like they added a lot to the game's aesthetic. I liked the part with the UI change to the distorted version! And the horror part with Felicity legitimately made me jump, it was so startling haha.

Congrats on finishing your demo! :] And good luck with making the full version!

Hello Azaraih!

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! You just made both of our days much brighter!


Don't worry too much about Natalie, her problems will be addressed in the full version.

We do actually plan on adding a lot more events. We had to make some hard decisions about what to cut out in order to ship the game before the deadline, so unfortunately we didn't have time to fill up all the possible events. It's a matter of thinking "Well what CAN I do here instead?" that really produces so many variations and we just didn't have time to write them all. We'll make sure the full version is pretty well-stocked with events and even throw in some minor side-quest type arcs too!

( Seriously, I mean it... Spoilers.)

Thanks for letting us know you got the Felicity-Horror scene, it's doesn't always happen. Sometimes calling someone to talk about problems is a good way to cope with stress (hint).

It means so much to us that people are playing and enjoying our month's effort for our first NaNoRenO project, and we can't thank you enough for taking the time to write such a wonderful reply to us! :D

We'll keep working on the full version, so stay tuned for updates!

~ <3 Allie and Lexie